University Corridors for Refugees

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European University Institute

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The EUI is an international organisation that operates in higher education and research in the field of social sciences. The Institute has twenty-three Member States, and hosts an international community of more than 1,100 members, between Masters’ students, PhD and post-doc researchers, teaching and administrative staff, from 60 different nationalities. The EUI has a three-fold mandate, as follows: (i) providing doctoral and post-doctoral researchers with advanced academic training, respectively through the EUI PhD Programme and the Max Weber Programme; (ii) fostering research and analysis related to the European integration process and shifts in politics in Europe and globally, through its four Departments (Economy, History and Civilisation, Law, Social and Political Sciences) and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSC); (iii) training current and future policy-makers through the School of Transnational Governance. The School brings the worlds of academia and policy-making together in an effort to navigate a context, where policy-making increasingly transcends national borders. The EUI is home to the Historical Archives of the European Union, which provide unparalleled insight into the EU integration process. The EUI engages and collaborates with several academic and institutional partners worldwide.


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