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University of Bari Aldo Moro

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The University of Bari Aldo Moro (UNIBA) is one of the most renowned and prestigious Universities in the South of Italy. Founded in 1924, UNIBA, with over 40.000 students, is one of
the largest generalist Universities in Italy with 19 Departments, covering all fields of research. UNIBA also offers n. 5 courses entirely in English: Bari English Medical Curriculum, Computer Sciences, Innovation development of Agrifood systems (IDEAS), Materials Science and Technology and Physics, attended by many international students.

UNIBA joins numerous European and international networks in order to promote academic cooperation activities in different fields, such as the Community of Mediterranean Universities CUM, CUIA, EUA, UNIMED, EMUNI and EUCEN. It also has numerous agreements with international universities and institutions.

One of UNIBA strategic centres is the CENTER FOR LIFELONG LEARNING (CAP) The mission of CAP is to enhance the “cultural capital” as a fundamental and strategic resource for humanity. The CAP aims to promote lifelong learning processes through paths of acceptance, transparency, validation, certification, and accreditation of skills acquired in formal, informal and non-formal contexts. CAP is open to all citizens, with reference to those who have a migratory background, offering a preliminary service of consultancy for the recognition of formal qualifications, previously acquired, or partial recognition of individual training credits, the evaluation and certification of soft skills, the recognition and certification of professional and extra-professional experiences in informal and non-formal contexts. Since 2021, UNIBA has participated in the UNICORE project and in the Mentorship programme.

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