University Corridors for Refugees

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University of Brescia

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The University of Brescia (Unibs) was officially founded in 1982, building on previous courses provided by the nearby University of Milan, Milan Polytechnic and University of Parma. Unibs is an open and inclusive academic community on a national and regional level, that is socially and economically well-rooted, and eager to face today’s challenges. It is a place where professors and students conduct research, study and work in an interdisciplinary context, while aiming at being a leading institution in society and enhancing the skills and humanism of students who invest in education and culture.

Unibs interacts with businesses that want to be competitive thanks to innovation based on research and with institutions that contribute to promoting social progress. With 15.000 students and about 600 professors and researchers, Unibs offers a wide range of educational programmes in 4 areas: Economics, Law, Engineering and Medicine, including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, PhD programmes and Schools of Specialisation.

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