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The University of L’Aquila, founded in 1596, is organized in sixty-seven courses and seven departments: Civil, Construction/Architecture and Environmental Engineering, Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics, Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics, Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Science of Life and Environment, Applied Clinical and Biotechnological Sciences, Physical and Chemical Sciences, Human Sciences. These departments, by promoting scientific research and didactic-educational activities, maintain cultural and scientific exchanges with research centers from all over the world, and interact with the production of high-tech sector. The University of L’Aquila has two centers of excellence for research (CETEMPS and DEWS) and three interdepartmental research centers (CERFIS, DMTA, M&MOCS), and takes care of the Alpine Botanical Garden of the ‘Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga’ National Park. It is connected to the Gran Sasso National Laboratories, which operate in the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, where research is carried out on astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and geophysics.


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