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University of Urbino Carlo Bo

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A metaphor for civilization and humanity in general”. That is how Carlo Bo saw Urbino; the heart of the Renaissance, where naming the city was the same as naming the university, and vice versa. Around the corner of Piazza Duca Federico is the beating heart of student life, with classrooms, libraries, canteens, the halls of residence, and the Collegi built by De Carlo; these are some of the most important architectural features of the 20th century.

The universality, the cultural openness to the world that educated Raphael Sanzio, is woven into an ideal and collected city fabric. Indeed, the numerous international agreements are matched by a perfect balance in the faculty/student ratio: here one is not just a freshman number. An added value, recognized by decades of history, that translates into teaching quality.

The University of Urbino Carlo Bo is a University rich in history and a great tradition of knowledge, which has always been committed to research and innovation. With over 500 years of history and 15.000 students, it produces knowledge in many fields of study, and is today one of Italy’s top-performing universities in teaching, research and services.

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