Where do I start?

First, visit the programmes’ page or the universities’ pages on this website and choose the programme that best suits you. When you have found the programme that you want to apply for, please consult the call for applications of the university which you will find on their page. For any doubt or question, you will find specific email addresses for each university on their page, or you can also use the generic contact form on the website which includes a phone number that you can reach on whatsapp. 

Who is eligible for this call? What are the basic requirements for the scholarship?

The UNICORE 2.0 project is open to students who:
– have been recognized as refugees in Ethiopia;
– have obtained a qualification in Ethiopia eligible for admission to the Second Cycle Degree Program in Ethiopia;
– have never been enrolled by one of the partner universities.

The project is aimed at students highly motivated to continue their academic career in Italy and therefore some universities have placed a GPA equal to or greater than 3.0 as an essential requirement.

If I am a refugee and I have a degree from Eritrean colleges am I eligible?

No, in order to qualify you must have obtained a qualification in Ethiopia eligible for admission to the Second Cycle Degree Program in Ethiopia.

English Language certificate?

No, it is not a requirement but please consider that if the programme you are applying for is in English you should have you should have a good command of it.

What are the benefits of the scholarship?

The program provides a series of services and benefits, including: accommodation, meals, expenses related to the residence permit in Italy, health insurance, legal/social/psychological support, study materials (laptops, books, etc.). The renewal of the scholarship as well as the residence permit for study is subject to the passing of a minimum number of exams.

Is knowledge of the Italian language required for the scholarship?

No, however we strongly encourage you to learn Italian as soon as possible if you are selected, as this will facilitate your path to inclusion in Italian society.

What happens after I graduate?

The UNICORE 2.0 project concerns the entry into Italy of refugee students who can benefit from a two-year scholarship until their graduation. Once you graduate, you can go back to Ethiopia or, if you have the requirements, you may consider applying for another residence permit to continue your stay in Italy. The selected students will get an information sheet with detailed information related to their stay in Italy.

Am I allowed to work during my study time?

Yes, but on part time basis up to 20 hours per week.

When is the deadline for the application? When will I get the results?

The call expires on May 20th. The winners will be contacted by email or phone directly by the universities. The final ranking will be published on the website https://universitycorridors.unhcr.it/ Your name will not be made public, we will use the number of the ration card or ID refugee card that you provided in the application.

Can I receive more than one scholarship at the same time?


What do I do in case of missing documentation?

You may reach out to the university that you wish to apply for and inform them that some of the documents are missing.

When will courses start?

Courses will start in September/October 2020. However, considering the current COVID-19 emergency, there may be some postponements that are currently not foreseeable.

Can I defer my admission?


Is attendance mandatory?

It depends on the specific programme. However, if not mandatory, attendance is strictly recommended.

Can I request resettlement from Italy to other EU countries after I graduate?

No, there is no resettlement programme to a third country from Italy.