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University of Salento

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Since 1955, the Università del Salento has had the aim of promoting knowledge, skill and merit and has offered a large range of educational opportunities. From Law to Science, Economics to Engineering, Humanities to Media Studies, the University provides academic pathways to a range of professions as well as post-graduate and specialist courses tailor made to meet the needs of the job market. The Università del Salento boasts Eight Departments providing services and information for students, as well as thirty-three Research Centres throughout the Salento area. Located in Lecce, Puglia, the Università del Salento has grown rapidly in recent years, consolidating and reinforcing its role as the keystone of the local cultural and social system. It also has a PhD School and Post-graduate schools for Cultural Heritage and for the Legal Professions. To promote excellence, the prestigious Scuola Superiore ISUFI offers scholarships to high-level undergraduate and postgraduate students. 

With its favourable geographical position, right in the centre of the Mediterranean and between two seas, Lecce has been throughout its long history a crossroad of cultures, contacts and trading between the Middle East, the Balkans and Western Europe, as well as a bridge between North Africa and Southern Europe. Gifted with unique natural sceneries and architectural styles, Lecce and the Salento region offer a vibrant and authentic lifestyle, which allows University students to get qualitative education at affordable costs, with housing, entertainment and shopping opportunities for every budget. 

The call for applications for this university will remain open until 26 April.

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